An insight to NFL for the sport enthusiasts

All or Nothing, Amazons insight into the world of NFL is compelling and if you haven’t already seen the result, can be a great drama. Playing on the strengths of American TV producers, the documentary is adapted to entice the attention of all sports fans.

This personally drew me in from my disappointment of turning Super Bowl LI off at half time, albeit it due to the lack of matchsticks to prop my eyes open and missing one of the greatest comebacks of Super Bowl history.

The show itself has more access and more personality than its nearest English version Being:Liverpool about the football franchise, and it delivers in the attraction to binge the season to see the outcome of their journey.

Starting from no connection with the team, you find yourself engrossed in the unimaginable scenarios that only Sport can deliver. I have to stress that you refrain from looking up the outcome of the season. Not knowing is part of the fantasy.

I have to admit being from the UK and not fully understanding the rules is irrelevant when accessing the illumination of the show. It’s about the journey, admiring the dedication, determination and enjoying the road, to the inevitable impact at the end.