Political movement born from the depths of 2016

For a long time we have listened to the rhetoric of the elected parliamentary party and despised their broken promises and fake compassion for the whole of the UK. For too long have we listened to how our country has prospered, and has become a financial hub of the world. Wrong! The City of London has that title and that area alone. The rest of the UK has disappeared behind the lies and deceit of the top 5%. It makes us whimper in anger when yet another Oxbridge graduate is selected as the representative for the whole country and that is wrong. Not only is it wrong, but it is counter intuitive, and detrimental.

Week after week stories arise, exacerbating the immense task that we as a country have to deal with. Yet we hear no direction, no strategy and continual infighting. We are leaving the EU for – what I believe are – the wrong reasons. We should be leaving for the good of the country and for the good of Europe. The EU needs reform and if it is the only bargaining chip we have, then we have to leave, albeit with a heavy heart and just over 2 years to make this divorce work. Yet we leave in disrepute, with an under belly of racism, fascism and lacking leadership to make this country great again.

We know what affects our everyday lives, and we know that more can be done. Security is now a major concern. Technology advances warfare faster than ever before, whilst fat cats sit in a stream of ignorance and bliss. We all hear the atrocities that now happen weekly rather than yearly. We continue to support the protection of this great nation, but we have to stress that there are now far more ways of causing mayhem on an unprecedented scale. The UK has to adapt and move quicker than ever before. We can take the lead in the innovation of defence rather than offence. To help others, your foundations need to be strong enough to hold the weight of the world.

To be able to create these foundations, we need to solidify our existence. This means looking after our precious lands. Climate change is not a myth. It is common sense, above all matters, that we cannot destroy something and expect it to rebuild. It is our job to change and adapt in the face of adversity. We as a nation cannot sit back on our laurels and let the world take this burden on. There is more we can do. More aggressive, more to help, more to lead.

We need to put a stop to the aggressive privatisation of all of our public services and run them like they should. After a turbulent winter, the NHS finds itself in disrepair yet again. Trolleys are littered through the corridors, and patients in need wait helplessly until beds are available. One of our most beloved public services is left to rot in the hands of continued privatisation. We cannot stand this. Free health care should be a joy and marvelled by the rest of the world. And it can be. It doesn’t just need money thrown at it as the chiefs request. It needs care and attention, and to be run with a steely compassion. We should dismantle, nurture and rebuild our precious healthcare to a standard that is revered. Why can’t public services make profit? Why can’t these services be affordable, quality and consistent? Why can’t our public services actually benefit the UK public? The answer is, there is no reason why it can’t.

Our public services are needed to be on point, to give the impotence to our key industries. There are many ‘industrial strategies’ to help what I believe, can and will be, some of the greatest places to help your businesses compete. We have to protect UK companies and to allow these to mature and expand, but we also have to look after our country for all.  There are so many industries that can be leaders amongst the titans of the world’s elite. The USA’s Silicon Valley, China’s Steel, Germany’s car manufacturing, the UK’s…….? We can provide the platforms to stimulate the growth needed for UK industries to once again become global players, but don’t get us wrong, we shouldn’t forget about the SMEs. We want the UK to show just how much there is to go around and its not just the giants of this world that can dominate the UK’s skylines.

There is a gap in the UK’s political scene for a party that is true to it’s word, that is a party for all. Unity has risen from the ashes of a tumultuous year but will be a phoenix compared to the stale, robotic politicians of today. I will show the UK that with the right guidance and political direction, we can unify and create a party that is inclusive of everyone. One that makes the tough decisions and stands for nothing but quality, equality and identity.

On top of this, it is time to reform the political scene. We look around and see no accountability to the people that run our once great nation. Money is passed down from hand to hand, and into pocket after pocket. Institutions are left to their own devices, and this is not right. I propose a reform from the ground up. We should aspire for local, regional and national governments working hand in hand to better the playing field. But this is a movement of promises and long term solutions. It not only aspires but has the ability to succeed.

Over the next weeks and months, I will show passion for Unity to be named as the credible opposition that is truly needed. We can no longer sit back and watch as our world is ripped apart for the good of the few at the expense of the many. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. No more! I will not only share a manifesto – with the help of the current parties promises – but point by point, we will show how our strategy can work and not only prosper, but bring the UK back to the pinnacle of yesteryear. A united front for the good of the country.

Unity would:

  • Bridge the Gap – between the North and South divide
  • Follow an economical strategy that helps us all
  • Reinvigorate our UK sectors
  • Awaken our heritage and compassion
  • Protect and return the UK’s beautiful landscape
  • Establish ourselves as world leaders
  • Inspire future UK residents
  • Deliver long term solutions for the good of the UK

Unity want’s the UK to be the innovative capital of the world. No more siting back and quietly tutting, no more saying why can’t we be as good as them, no more divisions.